The Coffee Directorate has organized an overarching initiative to promote Kenyan coffee during the year 2019. A number of exhibitions and conferences have been planned to showcase Kenyan coffee according to each target market.

Regional market

 Kenyan coffee will feature during the 17th African Fine Coffees Conference and Exhibition in Kigali, Rwanda from 12th -15th February 2019. Taste of Harvest (TOH), booth exhibition and conference through paper presentations are some of the channels that will be used to market Kenyan coffee during the three-day event in Rwanda. The Conference will also witness the occasion where Kenya will be handed over the mantle to host the 18th AFCCE in Mombasa in the year 2020. A number of Kenya coffee stakeholders will be showcasing premium quality coffee among their major neighbouring competitors.

Emerging market
Further, during the same month, Coffee Directorate will facilitate two coffee exporters- Rumani Agencies Ltd and Kenya Co-operative Coffee Exporters Ltd during the Gulfood Exhibition scheduled from 17th – 21st February, 2019 in Dubai, UAE. The epitome of this will be when Kenya will be witnessing the official launch of the Coffee Trade Centre organized by the Dubai Common Commodities Market under the auspices of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry. This will offer a channel through which Kenya coffee could reach the small, medium and large scale buyers of coffee. It will address the availability of small batch lots of Kenyan coffee to reach strategic target consumers.

Domestic Market
On the domestic front, Kenya will use the demand side increased return(DSIR) initiative to bring buyers of Kenyan coffee home. Kenya will be hosting the 124th Session of the International Coffee Organization (ICO) Council Meeting from 25th -29th March, 2019 in Nairobi. A number of activities have been planned to showcase Kenyan coffee in this mega event. The ICO event is poised to attract over 220 international coffee producers, roasters, dealers, researchers, policy makers, consumers and other professional within the coffee sub-sector. The buyer will converge in Nairobi for their bi-annual council meeting. The Directorate has organized a five-day exhibition to showcase Kenya’s coffee and ancillary value chain services that go a long way to support the production, processing and marketing of Kenya’s premium coffee. Booths are going for Ksh 50,000 on a first come first served basis. There are only 30 booths available. Requests for booth allocation should be made to the Coffee Directorate. The 124th Council Meeting Session will be concluded with field visits to some coffee growing counties on 30th and 31st March, 2019. The counties earmarked for the visits are Kiambu, Nyeri, Kirinya and Kiambu.

The Korean Market- An Emerging or Traditional Market?
The Directorate has further planned to participate together with Kenyan coffee stakeholders in a seismic international exhibition. Korea is fast growing as an emerging market and is almost assuming the role of a traditional market given the volume of purchase of Kenyan coffee. Currently, it is the 5th largest buyer of Kenyan coffee. To this effect, the Directorate has planned to exhibit Kenyan coffee in the Korean Coffee Exhibition in Seoul from 7th -10th April, 2019. Coffee stakeholders wishing to participate in this palpable market should contact the Directorate before 25th February, 2019 so as to start early visa processing.

The Specialty Market
The climax of international coffee exhibition will be held in Boston, Massachusetts, USA from 11th -14th April, 2019. The USA currently tie up with Germany in position number one as the largest single market buyer of Kenyan coffee. The USA are leading, though, in terms of value paid for the same volume of coffee purchased. It is a lucrative market. The USA pay premium prices for premium grades of AA, AB and PB. The Global Specialty Coffee (GSC) Exhibition under the auspices of Specialty Coffee Association will coincide with the famous Boston Marathon scheduled for 14th April, 2019. Already two GSC Expo Preparatory meetings have been held at Coffee Directorate and stakeholders wishing to participate in this specialty market are requested to confirm to the Directorate latest 25th February to facilitate early visa processing.

Traditional Market.
The 2019 World of Coffee Expo will take place in Berlin, Germany from 12th -15th June, 2019. Germany being one of the leading export destinations of Kenya’s coffee will be hosting the famous World of Coffee Expo. This preponderant market is a major traditional market of Kenyan coffee since independence. It also offers easy market access of Kenyan coffee to the European Union members. Other than the USA market, no coffee consuming country can match their alacrity to purchase Kenyan coffee. Coffee stakeholders wishing to participate in this exhibition are required to register with Coffee Directorate latest by 29th April, 2019 to help facilitate visa acquisition in good time.