Research, Planning and Strategy is one of the corporate Departments of the Authority. The Department’s mandate is to drive the Authority’s Strategic Plan designed to realize AFA’s vision for the scheduled crops sub-sectors. A key deliverable for the Department is to continuously upgrade the scheduled crops value chains through research and strategy management. With its vision being “The Authority’s strategic think tank” and a mission “To offer support for the sustainable development of the scheduled crops value chains through research and strategic management”.

The core function of the Department are to:

  1. Carry out monitoring and evaluation on the performance of the Authority in relation to the Strategic plan, service charter, Board and management decisions and the annual performance contract
  2. Review the existing policies for implementation
  3. Formulate general and specific policies for the development of scheduled crops specified
  4. Develop the Authority’s short and long term strategic plans
  5. Develop favorably country position papers on scheduled crops for the regional and international trade agreements
  6. Participate in regional and international trade agreements
  7. Develop the Authority’s yearly Performance Contract
  8. Promote and advise on strategies for value addition prior to the export of crops from Kenya
  9. Maintain an up-to-date one stop shop for all the statistics of the scheduled crops sub-sectors
  10. Undertake analysis of commodity production and marketing trends and disseminate the information
  11. Collaborate with competitors to enhance our competitive advantage
  12. Establish linkages with various governments and private research institutions for the conduct of studies and researches designed to promote the production, marketing and processing of scheduled crops
  13. Documenting the commodity value chains and advising on best practices for growth and sustainability
  14. Carry out commodity research papers for the scheduled crops
  15. Undertake impact assessment of all AFA projects to ascertain their effectiveness and the significance of change brought about by the projects

The Department works in close liaison with all other Departments, Directorates and the Commodities Fund to ensure effective service delivery to our stakeholders.